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COVID Care Packages

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Many people in the US and around the world know what it’s like to have to suddenly quarantine because of a positive case of COVID or a close contact exposure. As cases continue to surge in certain parts of the world, families again are being forced to quarantine.

In places like Cambodia, a positive test result or close contact with a known COVID case requires individuals to immediately shelter in place. There is no opportunity — and often no means — to shop for necessary items to sustain a family in quarantine. Children and their families are left without the critical items they need to get through a 14-day confinement.

Unfortunately, COVID has now spread to Sokhem village, one of the rural regions where LWB has many of our children’s programs. Homes are marked with orange tape to indicate that the family is not to leave. Thankfully, the village leader has given permission for LWB to provide supplies to those children and families affected by the virus.

This month, we are working to provide COVID care packages to impacted children who are placed into quarantine. A one-time gift of $20 can provide hygiene supplies such as face masks, hand sanitizer, and soap, as well as activity items such as books and drawing supplies to children who are suddenly unable to leave their homes.

Will you join us in helping to provide these critical care packages to vulnerable children in great need?

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