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Cleft Bottles and Formulas for Babies like Zack

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All this week, we are raising critical funds to provide nutrition for babies born with cleft as we prepare to send a surgery team to Guatemala later this year. We are working side-by-side with Partners in Surgery to make sure every baby who comes to see our team for a repair will qualify for surgery.

Guatemala baby with cleft lip

One of the babies waiting for his lip operation is tiny little Zack.

Guatemala baby with cleft lip

Zack and his family live in the hills of rural Guatemala in a home without electricity or running water.

His mom must use candles at night in an attempt to light the darkness. 

The nearest health center is over two hours away from Zack’s home (one hour of walking on paths like the one below) and one hour by motorcycle), so having access to good nutrition is essential to keep him from becoming frail. 

A feeding specialist recently visited the family and worked with Zack’s mom to make sure any nutritional barriers would be overcome.

Guatemala baby on blanket cleft

This nutritional support is what we want to make sure every baby receives before we send our surgery team in December. Will you join with us this week to purchase formula and cleft bottles for babies with cleft who are unable to breastfeed?   

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