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100 Children Wait For Hernia Surgeries

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This week, we are working to raise the funds for 100 hernia repair surgeries for children in Uganda. Some have been waiting for most of their lives for healing, and next week they will finally have their chance at LWB’s Mission To Heal, our second hernia mission. 

Girl from Uganda sitting on lap

Children make up 50% of the population in Uganda, and it is estimated that up to 20% of them need some sort of surgical care. With only eight pediatric surgeons in the entire country, it can be difficult for families to find quality surgeons to help their children.

Young boy needing hernia surgery in Uganda

In addition to the limited pediatric resources nationwide, many Ugandans cannot afford basic medical care, let alone the cost of a surgery. Half of Ugandans earn less than $41 a month, making it nearly impossible for parents to save enough money for their child’s hernia operation. Many single parents have all but given up hope for having their child healed.

Boy and his mom sitting on a bench in Uganda

Dennis, nine years old, has suffered for most of his life. His single mother had given up hope before learning of LWB’s hernia mission.

Tall boy from Uganda in green shirt

Eight-year-old Alex is often unable to attend school because of his painful hernia. His mother tried to save enough money for his surgery but was been unsuccessful until she learned about LWB’s hernia mission.

This week, you can bring healing to children like Alex, Dennis, and many more.

Ugandan baby sitting on lap

How can I help?

Will you please consider helping us to fund life-changing hernia repair surgeries for all 100 children by the start of next week?

  • $200 funds a hernia surgery
  • $40 provides a care package, including a mosquito net, toy, T-shirt, and blanket
  • Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted!

As of today, we’re excited to report that this LWB community has helped us raise 32% of the amount needed to fund 100 children for our Mission to Heal.

Last night, a generous donor stepped up to help us meet our goal of providing 100 waiting children with hernia repair surgeries by offering a $5,000 matching gift. Please consider making your gift today to DOUBLE your impact!

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