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Chairs4Change: A Million Dollar Project

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Sisters Elyse, Jasmine, and JJ call themselves “The Chairs” because they use wheelchairs for mobility. These amazing young women are the founders of Chairs4Change and have an audacious goal of raising ONE MILLION DOLLARS for Love Without Boundaries!

Thanks to the donations of the generous LWB community, they have already raised $75,000. We thought you’d like to get to know “The Chairs” a little better and learn more about their connection to LWB and the projects near and dear to their hearts.

Elyse begins by telling us what LWB means to her: “LWB helped me get adopted. I love what they do and how they want to help other kids get homes.”

Older sister Jasmine was also part of an LWB program before being adopted. Jasmine is determined to make a difference for children in need, and says, “Can you imagine not going to school? Can you imagine not getting surgery? Can you imagine not getting enough food? Can you imagine not having water? Can you imagine being alone? We can do something!”

Jasmine’s specialty is origami, and she works hard to make origami jars and ornaments as a Chairs4Change fundraiser. She tells us, “I really like origami because when I was little in China I always made them.” She has folded over 500,000 paper cranes, stars, and butterflies.

Lisa Ellsbury, Jasmine’s mom, explains that Jasmine has spinal muscular atrophy and is unable to move very much, but she can move her elbows and hands.

JJ, the sister everyone calls “the silent partner,” is considered the very best cheerleader for the Chairs4Change movement.

When asked how she feels about their achievements, JJ says, “I think this is amazing!”

The sisters created the Chairs4Change name together, and Elyse designed the logo.

So, what could a million dollars accomplish for children in need? Here’s a sign the sisters created explaining exactly that.

When the sisters learned about a family in Uganda living in this shelter, they were determined to help by raising funds to build them a safer home.

Thanks to the donations given to Chairs4Change, this family now has a new home and clean bedding and furniture to go in it.

We’re proud of Jasmine, Elyse, and JJ. Because of their efforts, LWB has not only been able to build homes for families but also purchase items such as bedding, furniture, jerry cans, and solar lanterns. In fact, the money raised has allowed them to build four homes…and now, they’re working on building their fifth!

“I think it’s awesome that we can help with LWB, and I’m glad mom and dad are on the Board of Directors. It’s amazing that we can raise a million dollars and help other kids. Every child counts and deserves a family” says Elyse.

All donations towards Chairs4Change projects are welcome. It doesn’t matter how big or small.

As Elyse, Jasmine, and JJ say, “A little change can change the world!”

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