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Cambodia Education Programs Continue Despite COVID

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When schools in Cambodia shut down again due to rising COVID cases, our teachers were understandably frustrated. The students were making great progress, and they didn’t want them to lose momentum or become discouraged. So, our always-innovative Believe In Me Sokhem teachers decided to deliver schoolwork to their students at home!

Teacher Hayes is explaining to Felix what he needs to do in this packet of homework.

Here’s Scottie showing off her assignments. Scottie is a very hard worker who enjoys doing her schoolwork with her friends. Khmer and reading are her favorite subjects!

Teacher Hayes sat down with Sue at her home to explain what she could be working on during her absence from school. Since Sue has many responsibilities at home, going to school is a great time for her to learn and just be a kid. We hope she can return to school soon with her friends.

Felix’s favorite subject is math, and he had quickly finished the math work he had and was anxious for more!

Academics aren’t the only thing these children miss when schools are closed. Most of their parents are unable to work due to COVID restrictions, so the loss of income means far less food on the table and children sadly going hungry. Our Believe In Me Sokhem school provides a daily hot lunch for students when school is in session, and so we’re making sure they continue to receive nutritious food despite the school being closed.

Our cooks live right in Sokhem Village, and the students walk to school, bowls in hand, to pick up food and take it home to eat.

We’re grateful to our dedicated Cambodia team for making sure the children in our Education programs are staying fed and continuing to learn despite the pandemic restrictions. May we all return to more normal conditions soon!

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