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Bring Water to Wilson’s Family

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Wilson lives with his wife and their five children. The parents work very hard to provide for the family.

Four of WIlson’s children

They grow vegetables in their yard to eat, and Wilson makes bricks behind their home to generate some income.

Wilson’s home

A makeshift water collection system has not been successful in capturing and storing rainwater, so the family is left only with the water from a hand-dug well near their home. Although it is visibly dirty, this well is the only option for cooking, bathing, and brick-making.

Wilson’s family must fetch water from the well each day.

Clearly this family will benefit greatly from a new, more efficient rainwater collection system like the one seen below:

Wilson and his family rejoiced at the news that LWB will be providing them with their own water collection system, allowing reliable access to clean water for years to come.

In honor of LWB’s five years of service in Uganda, will you please consider joining us in our Bring Water, Bring Hope campaign to provide water to families like Wilson’s? We have set the goal of providing 100 families with a new rainwater collection system, and we have raised the funds for 32 so far.

Your donation of $300, or a gift in any amount, will be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and ALL you make possible for vulnerable children and their families.

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