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Bring Water to Jamilah’s Family

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Jamilah is the mother of six children and four grandchildren living in a simple, three-room house. Her husband was the breadwinner of the family until a tragic car accident severely injured him, leaving him bedridden. Now, it’s up to Jamilah and her oldest children to provide for the family.

Jamilah sells bananas in a stall to provide income to sustain her large family. One of her sons makes bricks on a neighboring property to provide additional support, but water for this endeavor is scarce.

The local well is a long walk from Jamilah’s home, across a dangerously busy road. Yet the children must make this very risky trek each day to gather water for drinking, cleaning, and all other household needs.

Jamilah’s family was overwhelmed with joy when they heard the news that Love Without Boundaries would be providing them with their own rainwater collection system through our Bring Water, Bring Hope campaign. LWB Special Projects Coordinator Martin said his heart melted as the family thanked them “a thousand times” for providing the gift of water, improving their everyday living.

Will you please help us to bring water to Jamilah’s family and other waiting families who need safe and reliable access to clean water? Your gift of $30 towards a system, or $300 for the entire rainwater collection system, will make a lasting difference to these impoverished families for years to come.

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