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Bowen: A Journey of Love

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In June of 2021, a rural orphanage asked for our help with a special boy we call Bowen. He was ten years old at the time and diagnosed with club feet and developmental delays. Unlike most 10-year-olds who are active and running around, Bowen sadly was unable to walk on his own.

Boy in white shirt smiling

LWB accepted Bowen into care, and this courageous boy began his journey of love and healing. He underwent a series of surgeries and castings. Once those were complete, he received intensive physical therapy.

Boy in a wheelchair holding a fire engine

By January of 2022, Bowen was able to take a few steps on his own and by March, he was done with his castings and was wearing special shoes with braces.

Boy standing wtih leg braces

Just this fall, Bowen began to squat and stand up on his own and began proudly walking long distances without help. He continues to have some weakness in his right foot but is continuing to improve with physical therapy.

Boy smiling using a walker

Bowen resides at the PT Center, where our LWB healing home is located. Through all of Bowen’s painful surgeries and therapies, he has remained brave and resilient. This joyful boy delights in simple things — especially his friendship with Tessa, one of our other healing home residents.

Boy and girl reading a book together in China

Bowen and Tessa have a special relationship and call each other brother and sister. Tessa helps Bowen with his therapy and accompanies him on walks. To encourage Bowen to walk more often to train and strengthen his legs, the nanny recently encouraged Bowen to compete with Tessa in a jog down the corridor. One of Bowen’s shoes became loose and was kicked off while jogging. He subsequently lost the jogging race and was feeling a little down. Tessa walked over to comfort her friend. She assured him, “This time doesn’t count.” She helped Bowen tie his shoelaces and told him, “Now, let’s start again.”

Boy and Girl in China playing with a toy

This season, you can join us on a journey of love. With your help, we can provide healing and nurturing care to more children like Bowen and Tessa.

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