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Avery: A Healing Home Success Story

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Avery was born in spring 2020 with a multitude of special needs, including a heart defect, an ear malformation, and a larynx anomaly, which led to choking and frequent bouts of pneumonia.

After being treated for pneumonia, Avery was admitted to our China Healing Homes program directly from the hospital. At 4 months of age, he was a tiny boy, weighing just 11 pounds. Our nannies were ready to work their magic.

Soon, Avery was eating and sleeping well and beginning to hit milestones with an “I can do it” attitude to boot!

The older children in the home loved playing with this sweet and adorable baby, teaching him skills and clapping for his progress. At just over a year old, he was walking, feeding himself, and babbling non-stop.

Now coming up on age 2, Avery runs around the home and is a wonderful combination of sweet, helpful, and a bit naughty. Just what we love to see in a two-year-old!

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