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Aspiring Doctors: Twins Albert and Allan

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Twins Albert and Allan had a very traumatic entry into the world. Their father died before they were born, and their mother tragically passed away just hours after delivering her sons. The midwife who helped deliver the boys searched for a living relative for the two infants but could find no one. So she took them in and cared for them as her own.

Uganda twins on a blanket
Ugandan twins (not Albert and Allan)

In Uganda, school is not free. The midwife-turned-mom paid for the twins’ school fees until Grade 4, but then she was unable to raise the funds for their tuition. Fortunately, a good Samaritan covered the costs of their education through Grade 7 until she sadly went bankrupt. Then the brothers had no choice but to stop going to school.

Albert and Allan were referred to LWB after a series of misfortunes, including being taken advantage of by a man who promised to take them to the city of Kampala and place them in a good school where they would be sponsored in their education. The twins traveled with him and a large group of children from their village, but once they reached Kampala, they found themselves stuck in a crowded apartment with all the other children, and the promised support never materialized. They were left in an unsafe living situation which prevented them from attending school for the past several years. The boys were malnourished and often had just one meal a day.

Because they tragically lost their mother during childbirth, Albert and Allan both dream of becoming doctors and establishing a medical facility in their village to help pregnant women and moms. Their story has touched our hearts, and we are committed to helping them attend a quality boarding school so that they can have the opportunity to make this dream a reality.

Twin boys in tan shirts

Allan is now thrilled to be enrolled in school full-time where he is loving his biology classes and making many friends. He loves football and has joined the school choir.

Uganda boy in school uniform

Albert loves his new boarding school as well and is doing very well in his classes. Although he is the quieter twin, he actively participates in class debates.

Ugandan boy in school uniform

The twins are very close and are a wonderful support system for each other.

Both Albert and Allan are in need of sponsors to support them as they complete their education. These are two incredibly resilient and hard-working boys, and sponsors will receive reports on their academic and social progress. Thank you for considering standing with Albert and Allan as they work towards their goal of becoming doctors!

Sponsor Albert’s education
Sponsor Allan’s education
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