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Archie’s Adoption

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In 2017, an eight-day-old newborn named Archie joined our Cambodia foster care program. He was handed to wonderful foster parents who were already fostering two older children. Quickly, Baby Archie won their hearts, and the entire family found themselves in love with this precious baby boy.

Baby, foster care, baby with mom

They celebrated birthdays with him…

boy, birthday party, dad, foster care

And took him to the swimming pool to play and help him get comfortable being in the water.

boy in pool, foster care

Archie’s older foster siblings, Ivy and Orion, doted on him — and Archie followed them everywhere. They made a terrific threesome!

three children, Cambodia

Several years ago, Archie’s foster parents began the process to make his placement with them permanent. Like hopeful adoptive parents everywhere, they willingly jumped through many hoops, completed mountains of paperwork, and waited to see if they would be approved to become his forever family.

boy with beach ball, Cambodia

For exactly 1,604 days, Archie was in foster care. And on March 25, 2022, he became the forever child of his faithful foster parents when they completed his official domestic adoption!

young boy, adoption, Cambodia

Archie’s foster care sponsors made a profound difference in his life by giving him the opportunity to spend nearly every day of his life with a loving family instead of in an institution or other uncertain future. Our hearts are bursting with joy that this special little boy now has a permanent family of his very own!

boy smiling, Cambodia
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