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A Glimpse into our Cambodia Education Program

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Where we work in Cambodia, the number of children living at the local landfill has risen exponentially. We have been doing everything we can to make sure the older children moving to the landfill have a chance to begin or continue their education. As you can imagine, many of the older children are reluctant to attend school for the first time as they are embarrassed about having to start in kindergarten or first grade. Our solution? We’ve opened a special “catch-up class” for older kids so they could learn with their peers.

Each morning, our LWB tuk-tuk brings the students from the landfill right to our Believe In Me campus. Reece arrives with his little sister and takes her to our Early Childhood Development Center so that she can have her own day at school!

Each class day begins with morning exercises. Here are some of the children from our Early Childhood Development Center warming up with big smiles! 

This diligent little student is learning how to write the number 3 in Khmer, her native language.

Poppy has been in Catch Up Class for almost a month and is learning fast. She is especially good at writing and has great focus. 

Our students are also learning good hygiene habits by washing up before they eat lunch.

We provide a hot lunch to every student at both our Rangsei and Sokhem Believe in Me schools as well as a breakfast for the children in our more rural Sokhem school. For most of these students, this provides their main meal of the day.

Meditation is an important part of each students’ daily routine and helps to calm and center them after their lunch break. Our Catch Up class teacher, Samdy teaches her students relaxation techniques.

Library time is another important part of every day. Tiffany shows us her favorite book!

Some days, students learn traditional Khmer dances.

Leona enjoys using the computer to learn and get caught up on her studies.

Melissa works on counting and mathematics before the school day is over.

Time to head home! Thanks for joining us for a glimpse into our Believe in Me schools!

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