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A Fall Field Trip for our China Healing Home

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Field trips are a memorable part of being a kid. Leaving the familiar behind for a day to explore, learn, and have fun with friends is a welcome adventure.

Meredith can’t wait to see what the day will bring!

Children from our China Healing Home celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival) by going on a field trip to Global Baby Village. Come along with the kids to see some of the fun and educational activities they experienced that day!

Global Baby Village offers experiential education for children that teaches them life skills and exposes them to a variety of careers.

After getting an overview from the tour guide, the first stop was the fire station where the children transformed into firefighters and learned the importance of fire safety.

Spraying the fire hoses was definitely the highlight for these little firefighters!

Next up was the cookie-making station where the children were given dough and a rolling pin and taught how to roll out a sweet treat.

Girl learning how to bake
Tessa getting ready to roll.
Macy waiting patiently for her dough.
Tobias loved rolling out his cookie!

The children were given “money” to compensate them for their hard work so far.

After finishing up at Global Baby Village, our nannies and staff took the children to a food and culture street called Leijie Street in Hefei.

Tessa poses in between nibbles.
Katrina and Harland enjoy some traditional Chinese dumplings and pancakes.
As usual, Tobias is enthusiastic about every new experience!
Bowen, who has recovered from his club foot surgeries, stands tall by a giant plant.

The day was very hot and the children were worn out from all the excitement, so soon it was time to board the bus to head back to the healing home.


Thanks for joining this happy crew on their mid-Autumn field trip adventure!

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