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7 Lives, 7 Days: Adrian and Jamal

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Adrian and Jamal are two extra-special boys from Uganda with Down syndrome. Both just one year old, these sweet little guys need to travel to India for their life-saving heart surgeries, and we need your help to make it happen during this week’s 7 Lives, 7 Days campaign!

Smiling boy with Down syndrome

Little Adrian’s family learned of his heart condition when he developed difficulty breathing as a young infant. At that time, he was diagnosed with both Down syndrome and an atrioventricular canal (AV canal) defect requiring surgery. 

Adrian’s devoted parents have worked tirelessly to find help for their son. Leaving no stone unturned, they have visited television and radio stations, corporations, and small shops in their quest to find information and resources to save their precious son’s life.  

Family of four in Uganda

Adrian’s father makes a very modest living teaching at a nursery school, while his mother gardens for others when she can. They have older school-aged children who sometimes must stay home because there isn’t enough money to pay their school fees after paying for Adrian’s medical care.

Often, the family goes to bed hungry because there’s no money for dinner. However, they all remain completely committed to seeing Adrian healed. Since this family found LWB, they have been filled with renewed hope that Adrian may live a long and healthy life.

Laughing boy with Down syndrome

Like Adrian, tiny Jamal has also struggled with poor health since birth.

Uganda boy with Down syndrome in walker

He too was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and doctors suspected he also had a heart condition that often accompanies a Down syndrome diagnosis. Sadly, this suspicion was confirmed by doctors at the local hospital.

Baby lying in hospital bed

Jamal’s family is so poor, having lost employment during COVID, that his parents had to sell their bed in order to afford to travel to the hospital for Jamal’s care. Some of the family’s extended relatives have helped with Jamal’s early medical expenses, but they have tired under the financial burden and will no longer provide assistance.

Family of five in Uganda

The family’s situation has become very dire. Jamal is the youngest of three children. His older two siblings can no longer attend school since their father has been unemployed. His mother is unable to work away from the home because Jamal is so sickly and refuses to eat any food; he will only nurse. This family is asking LWB to help save their boy’s life.

Ugandan boy in walker

Love Without Boundaries has been able to heal so many children over the years because of the unending kindness and generosity of our supporters. We know that times are difficult, but we are asking once again for this community to rally in support of Adrian, Jamal, and 5 other beautiful children who must have heart surgery in order to live. As of today, we’ve reached 39% of the amount needed to send them all to India for these life-saving cardiac surgeries.

Will you please consider making a donation in support of Adrian and Jamal, and the other five children who are waiting for their chance to be healed?

Give to our 7 Lives, 7 Days campaign

Your gift in any amount can make a lifetime of difference to these little ones.

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