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7 Lives, 7 Days: George and Ezra

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Just six months old, precious George has a serious condition called Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA). 90% of children with TGA will die before one year of age if they do not receive the necessary medical treatment. It is critically important that George receives heart repair surgery very soon before he becomes inoperable and misses his chance at healing. He’s one of 7 children waiting to have their life-saving heart surgeries funded this week during our 7 Lives, 7 Days campaign.

Baby in white on mom's lap

George’s parents have exhausted all their resources, including money they raised from family members, trying to provide for his medical care, and they have now turned to begging. His two older sisters have been taken to live with grandparents since their parents can no longer support them financially.

Baby with mom and dad in Uganda

George and his parents must stay near the hospital that provides for his immediate medical needs. He is often admitted to the hospital due to difficulty breathing and high fevers. George was just recently released from his most recent hospitalization.

Mom and baby in Ugandan hospital

George’s father works but is unable to earn enough to provide for the family, let alone pay for life-saving medical care. This family has asked Love Without Boundaries to help provide the surgery George so desperately needs.

Baby in yellow in hospital

Four-year-old Ezra is the oldest child in our upcoming travel group to India. He has become so weak from his serious heart disease, Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), that he frequently faints. Sometimes, Ezra becomes so fatigued that he’s unable to walk or even talk.

Boy in Thomas the Train shirt

Ezra’s family circumstances are extremely difficult. Since Ezra became ill with heart disease, his father no longer spends time with the family. His mother Mandi earns a meager living by doing laundry and sometimes helping others to farm their land. Ezra’s aunt had previously helped pay for his medical care, but she tragically passed away last year. Recently, Mandi sold her own clothing to provide for his heart medication, and his grandmother sold her cow to provide money for his yellow fever vaccine and passport so that he could be ready to travel to India if the funds for his surgery are raised.

Mother and son in Uganda

A doctor at a local hospital became aware of the plight of Ezra’s mother and referred her to Love Without Boundaries for assistance. Now, Ezra’s mother is filled with new hope that her son can be healed.

Boy in Uganda with red background

Will you please consider making a gift in support of George and Ezra and their life-saving surgeries? You can make all the difference in the lives of these children by donating to their care. A gift in any amount will be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you to this community that continues to rally in support of some of the most vulnerable children. We could never do it without your help!

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