Featured Child: Cohen

Featured ChildLittle Cohen was born prematurely and weighed 2.1 kg (less than 5 lbs.) at birth. Cohen spent almost two months in the hospital after he was born because he needed plenty of time to learn to eat and to grow stronger. Cohen was moved to LWB's Anhui Healing Home six weeks ago, and this little guy is thriving!

Although Cohen has had to overcome some challenges because of his prematurity, he is steadily gaining weight. His caregivers at the healing home say that his face is getting chubbier and he is filling out. At almost four months old, Cohen still spends a lot of time sleeping, but he seems very content and has been Featured Childknown to smile in his sleep. When Cohen gets upset, one of the nannies will pick him up and gently rock him. He really enjoys this and responds well to someone speaking gently and calmly to him. When he is awake, he likes to look at faces and will watch his caregivers intently, staying focused on one person’s face while he is being rocked.

We are so grateful that Cohen is receiving plenty of love and attention from his caregivers at Anhui Healing Home, but Cohen needs your support. Your monthly sponsorship of $25 or $50 will help Cohen continue to receive the care he needs and to grow and develop into a strong boy. Sponsors will receive monthly updates and photos of sweet Cohen.

Featured Child