Featured Child: Faith

LWB Featured ChildFaith

 This June, a beautiful one-year-old girl named Faith entered our Lanzhou foster care program.

As you can see a, Faith has been practicing her crawling skills! She enjoys playing with her younger foster sibling and of course her foster mother.

Faith has a healthy appetite and likes to eat foods such as apple and mango mud, goat milk and soft noodles.

This month, Faith learned from her foster mother how to clap her hands. Now, whenever anyone enters their foster home, Faith will start clapping her hands!

Faith has a minor heart condition and some developmental delays. In the short time that she has been living in foster care, she has already made some encouraging gains.

LWB Featured Child

Faith is in need of additional sponsors for while she is in foster care. Sponsors will receive a monthly report and pictures documenting her growth and development. 

LWB Featured Child

Please join us in welcoming Faith to foster care!