Featured Project: Say Yes to No-Nos!

LWB Featured ProjectAfter surgery for cleft lip or palate, it is all too easy for children to hurt the incision by putting hands or toys in their mouths. For this reason, after surgery children wear arm restraints, commonly called "no-nos". No-nos need to be worn for several weeks while the surgical site heals. These soft, Velcro-wrap arm restraints are surprisingly expensive and are difficult to find in China. Luckily, however, no-nos can be reused over and over. Do you or someone you know have a used pair?

LWB volunteers traveling to China this fall hope to take as many no-nos as they can pack into their suitcases. Donated no-nos will be distributed to healing homes where children recovering from facial surgeries can make good use of them. If you have a pair that you would like to see used again, please contact us, and we will provide you with the mailing address of an LWB team member with room in their suitcase. Thank you for your help!

LWB Featured Project