The Shoe That Grows

Are you wearing shoes right now? If not, it's probably because you have chosen to kick them off to relax or go to bed. In Uganda, many children attend school in bare feet -- not by choice, but because the cost of a simple pair of shoes is out of reach.

The Shoe That Grows Campaign

Walking barefoot may be common in Uganda, but that does not mean it is healthy.  During recent visits to our Believe in Me Kabale school in Uganda, our team members noticed that the children have poorly fitting or, most commonly, no shoes at all. This has led many of the children to suffer from parasitic infestations and other infections in their toes and feet. The Shoe That Grows Campaign

The only hope of successfully treating these issues is to prevent them from occurring again. Shoes are critical in helping these children remain healthy. Because International is teaming up with Love Without Boundaries to get The Shoe That Grows to kids in Uganda! The Shoe That Grows adjusts 5 sizes and lasts up to 5 years. See how it works here:

HOW IT WORKS from Because International on Vimeo.

Typically, these shoes can be purchased for $15 each, which is a fantastic price. Due to the generosity of several partners, Because International is committed to matching the first 500 pairs donated. That means that your donation of $15 can buy two pairs of shoes, helping to protect the feet and health of two children in Uganda!

The Shoe That Grows Campaign

Please consider giving $15 to help not one but two children in Uganda walk the path to a healthier tomorrow.

Visit The Shoe That Grows to make your donation.

(If you prefer, you may also donate via the LWB website)