Cambodia Primary School Program

Cambodia Primary School Program

During the 1970s, under the Khmer Rouge, the majority of schools in Cambodia were ordered to close, and some researchers estimate that up to 90% of Cambodian teachers were executed. Cambodia’s education system was left in ruins, and many of the children during that time subsequently grew up illiterate. In fact the most recent data indicates that 60% of adults in Cambodia are still unable to read.

Cambodia Primary School ProgramCambodia today is still struggling to ensure a quality education for every child, and a scarcity of schools in the rural regions severely limits a child’s ability to ever escape the cycle of poverty they were born into. LWB has made a commitment to help change that for the beautiful children of both Sokhem and Rangsei Villages. These wonderful kids face the additional challenges of living on the Thai border, Cambodia Primary School Programwhere child trafficking is a very real concern. Both of these villages are over 10 km to the nearest government school, and it is not safe for the younger children to walk to school each day due to the tragic presence of traffickers. As we brainstormed about these issues, we realized that if it was too dangerous for the children to venture outside the village for an education, then LWB could bring school directly to them.

LWB has purchased land in both regions to build a village school for children in grades kindergarten through third grade. The Sokhem Village school is now completely built, and we think it looks beautiful. The children agree!

Cambodia Primary School ProgramCambodia Primary School Program

We are in the beginning stages of building a new school in Rangsei Village as well; so for now the children are meeting in a villager’s home for their class time. In all over 85 children will be attending school through LWB, and the students in our Believe in Me schools will have the added advantage of receiving English lessons as well. We believe this will increase their success once they transition to government school in 4th grade.

In addition, since the malnourishment rate in these villages is so high, LWB has begun a daily school lunch program for all the children. We all know that good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with learning. The children are thrilled to now have full tummies.

Cambodia Primary School Program

LWB is in need of child sponsors for this essential and life-changing program. For $25 a month, just 84 cents a day, you can give a child living in extreme poverty the best chance possible of a brighter future. Please visit our sponsorship page to see some of the beautiful children waiting for someone to believe in them.