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The Lord has given me the amazing gift of being married to the man of my dreams for over 18 years now...he is my prince charming in every way! I am blessed beyond comprehension to be able to stay home with my 9 amazing babies (one whom is waiting for us in heaven) and homeschool them. I am passionate about my Savior, Jesus family, adoption, caring and advocating for orphans, homeschooling, and running for God's purpose.

My motivation

My motivation to run 26.2 train mile after mile....hour after hour....sore muscle after sore the precious orphan babes in China.  My hearts greatest desire is to be the voice for these run to raise funds so they can receive life saving medical receive an be able to live in a safe environment. I run because I am passionate about Love Without Boundaries and their ministry to the orphan. I run because our son was a Love Without Boundaries child and I want to help those that are left behind.  We adopted him when he was 4 years old...he is now 7. I run for LWB because God has clearly impressed on my heart that He wants my running to have a purpose...a not be wasted miles...but that every step will bring glory and honor to Him.

I covet your support of prayers and encouragement.  


Goal: $1,600.00
To date: $810.00


Sweet Ian came into Healing Home care at barely six weeks of age, after intestinal surgery in his home province of Anhui. He desperately needed the delicate care that his nannies have showered on him in order to heal from his life-saving surgery. Ian underwent a second successful surgery several months later, and his third, a colostomy reversal, was performed in October. There were complications to this final surgery, so after some additional TLC at Heartbridge, surgeons will try again.

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