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Regular Wife and working mom by day, "Superhero in Sneakers" March 9, 2014

My motivation

I have to be honest - full marathons are not my cup of tea. And the last time I ran for LWB in 2012 I was in so much pain from a non running related herniated disc in my neck that I can't say I actually enjoyed it. However, there is something about running for a tiny little benefactor that makes it all worth it. This time I am running for a little boy Named Rhys who needs reconstructive surgery on his tummy. He doesnt have a family to pay his medical bills - I chose to run for him. My goal is not obtained - but I am thrilled to be over halfway there. I will finish the course on March 9 with this little guy in my heart and God's strength in my legs. Join me in helping this adorable chubby cheeked boy - It's a great feeling to know you helped change a life. Feels almost as if you are an actual super hero :D


Goal: $1,500.00
To date: $1,160.00


Rhys - 2 month old Rhys has been working hard to gain weight at True Children's Healing Home in Fujian as evidenced by his delightfully chubby cheeks!  Rhys was born with a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.  He has already endured one reconstructive surgery which has left him with a colostomy.  He receives one-to-one care from our highly skilled caregiver and medical staff.  We hope he will gain sufficient weight in the coming months for the next stage of his bowel reconstruction.  


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