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James 1:27 "Religion that G-D accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help, and keeping yourself free from the world's evil influence." When we are closer to race day (March 9th 2014), we will prayerfully choose a child from the list to receive the funds raised for their medical care.  In the mean time, you can copy/paste the link below into your browser and see some of the stories of the current children in need of funding and pray and advocate for them as well.   Two years ago, my first marathon, the team raised over $17,000 and Baby Herschel received a life saving heart surgery!  Last year, I think the team raised about $13, 000 and several babies received a variety of medical care.  This year, we originally chose a boy named Yong to run for.  He was to actually be flown here during the time of our 2014 marathon for his surgery and live temporarily with our team leader while receiving his medical care.  He has a non cancerous facial tumor that swelled the whole side of his head and neck and threatened his airway.  His case received so much international attention that Chinese officials agreed to allow him surgery in country and he has since been blessed to be in the process of adoption.  Now, we wait till closer to the race time to choose another child to receive the funding we can raise for their care.   What can a single person do?  Well, you've just read synopsis on all the lives changed for the better simply because a bunch of tired, old mamas banded their one person can make a difference together into a group and changed the world.  You can join your one person making a difference with ours and help.  You won't miss your few dollars, I promise.  But these children will live or die, all on your few dollars.  Much love to you as you prayerfully consider your donation and how you will help us advocate for orphan care.  Thank you for joining me in making a significant difference in the world.  Blessings dear one for your generosity.  xoxo


Goal: $1,000.00
To date: $1,025.00


Our 2014 Cleft Medical Exchange is coming up in April in Kaifeng. We expect around 20 children to receive quality cleft lip and palate surgeries. The approximate cost of surgeries is $500 each. Help Jennifer bring a lifetime of smiles to children in need. 

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