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I am the mom to three amazing girls all adopted from China, wife to an extremely tolerant, humble and patient man of God, stepmom to two amazing adult kids, grandmom to the most beautiful baby girl in the world but foremost I am a beloved daughter of the King of King. I am passionate about my family, my Jesus and the drive to help the children of my daughter's birth country who have no mom or dad - to stand in the gap for them and tell the world that they matter! 

My motivation

Every day, I think about what life would be like for my girls if they still lived in their orphanages in China. Every day, I am then reminded of the thousands of children still there. Waiting. Many of the kids that wait also have life threatening medical conditions.  My kids wake up every day with a mom and dad and grandparents and siblings and aunts and uncles and friends who stand for them - who provide for them, love them, advocate for them. Every day - thousands just like them wake up with no one. Love WIthout Boundaries steps in for these kids - and I am passionate about being a part of that. It's why I get up early to run. It's why I push myself when I would rather sit and eat oreos.  It's why I run when I hate to run.

It's why I pester my family and friends to dig deep and give sacrifically. It's why I am asking you now to give - and give big - to help these babies. These kids in China who need moms and dads and sisters and brothers and grandparents and aunts and uncles to give big - to give them hope and healing for a future! 


Goal: $3,000.00
To date: $1,705.00

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