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Hi!  My name is Mackenzie Biggs.  I'm a 6th grader at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Bloomington, Illinois.  I was adopted from China in 2003. This summer I put "running a color run" on my bucket list.  When I saw that a town close to me was holding a color run, I knew I wanted to run it and use it to raise funds for orphans.  My friends and I will be running the Rantoul Color Run 5K on October 12.  We want to show God's love to children who are waiting for surgery so they can find their forever family. So we are using this run to raise funds to donate to Love Without Boundaries.

My motivation

In 2006, my little sister was adopted. She was able to be adopted because she had surgery to repair her heart while she was at Shantou Social Welfare Institute.  That surgery saved her life and allowed her to be adopted. On September 11 we celebrate her Gotcha Day. I want to help more children get life-saving surgeries so they can find their forever family, too. Please sponsor me so I can help the child I'm running for get the surgery that will help them have their Gotcha Day, too! Pray for my friends and I as we train and run so we can help the children who are still waiting. Thank you for your help!! Mackenzie.


Goal: $500.00
To date: $730.00


Chandler was born with complex heart defects including pulmonary atresia, ventricular septal defect (VSD) and patent ductus arteriosus(PDA). She has been residing at our Anhui Healing Home for the last several months where she has been gaining weight and getting stronger for her surgery. Her favorite times of the day are meal time and tummy time! Her fingers and toes are very blue, and doctors hope she can have surgery very soon in the hopes she will not develop pulmonary hypertension. Your donations will help give Chandler a second chance at life!


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