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Thank you for being here! I'm running the Swindon half marathon to raise funds for an orphaned baby boy in China who has multiple heart defects. Only 2% of over a million children in China get the chance for adoption. For children with birth defects the chances of adoption are even more precarious... 

My motivation

This will be my first ever running race. I want to see what I can achieve on a personal level and, along with support from some great friends and family, try to raise some funds for a child who desperately needs help. All the money I manage to raise from completing the half marathon will go towards sponsoring a little boy called Dominic who has multiple heart defects. I was first motivated to help raise money for LWB a few months ago when I read this..  which led to the sponsorship of a little girl called Heidi. But if you're still not sure about helping children in another country.. . I could go on, but I won't!  Thank you so much g xx    PS the Sponsor link below is in US dollars, but you can always calculate the exchange rate to whatever you'd like to donate ($1.50= £1ish). Otherwise contact me for other options :)


Goal: $250.00
To date: $545.00


Dominic was one of the first arrivals at the new Starbridge Healing Home when it opened in June 2013.  He has a serious heart defect (Tetrology of Fallot) and arrived weighing less than 5 lbs at 2 months of age.  Because his heart defect makes him feel weak and tired he has been struggling to eat which has made it difficult for him to gain the weight that he needs in order to have his surgery. He is a sweet little boy but he does turn blue when he cries so his nannies are giving him extra attention and trying to meet his needs before he gets upset so he can save all of his energy for growing.


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