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My family has been blessed through a little girl we adopted from China in March 2007 and would like to "pay in forward" to other children in need of adoption. We have been involved with Love Without Boundaries contributing to the well-being of this special group of children. In the past we ran in a local marathon on behalf of these medical fragile children, contributing to their medical needs which has been very rewarding. This year we choose to organize a 20 mile bike-a-thon and fundraise on behalf a little guy in China in need of corrective heart surgery. My daughter, Emmalie will also be an active participate in the 20 mile bike ride. She will be riding a tag-a-long bike with me & my husband will be riding with our 2 year old son, Nathan.

My motivation

Our motivation is our daughter. We would like to keep her connected to her heritage and we feel this is a very positive way of to keep her connected, as well as contributing to a medically fragile child. Our daughter, Emmalie is now 7 years old and has been very touched and dedicated to helping this special group of children.


Goal: $1,000.00
To date: $200.00


Dominic was one of the first arrivals at the new Starbridge Healing Home when it opened in June 2013.  He has a serious heart defect (Tetrology of Fallot) and arrived weighing less than 5 lbs at 2 months of age.  Because his heart defect makes him feel weak and tired he has been struggling to eat which has made it difficult for him to gain the weight that he needs in order to have his surgery. He is a sweet little boy but he does turn blue when he cries so his nannies are giving him extra attention and trying to meet his needs before he gets upset so he can save all of his energy for growing.


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