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I have done numerous running/obstacle/adventure races over the past few years (Tough Mudder, GORUCK Challenge, trail races) and always thought that a marathon was not on my To-Do List.  With some encouragement from my wife, I decided to take the plunge and this will be my first marathon.  My training is going great and I am looking forward to the race.  Our oldest daughter is adopted, so adoption holds a very special place in my heart.  I am also forever grateful to the men and women that have served and currently serve in our military.  So running the Marine Corps Marathon on the Love Without Boundries Team is a pefect fit for me.  So who is planning to be waiting for me at the half-way point with a delicious, fresh pizza?!?!?!


Goal: $1,500.00
To date: $2,011.20


Dominic was one of the first arrivals at the new Starbridge Healing Home when it opened in June 2013.  He has a serious heart defect (Tetrology of Fallot) and arrived weighing less than 5 lbs at 2 months of age.  Because his heart defect makes him feel weak and tired he has been struggling to eat which has made it difficult for him to gain the weight that he needs in order to have his surgery. He is a sweet little boy but he does turn blue when he cries so his nannies are giving him extra attention and trying to meet his needs before he gets upset so he can save all of his energy for growing.


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