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This is my fourth year running the MCM for such a wonderful organization.  My family has been so blessed over this past year with our oldest son coming home in December 2012.  He benefitted from the wonderful care provided by LWB, and I am forever grateful for that.

My motivation

When I first started running the MCM for LWB, I thought 26.2 miles was an unattainable goal. As I learned more about LWB and the hope and healing they provide, I realized that reaching impossible goals is something that is done by hard work, determination, and a little help from others.  This is what LWB does.This year Vicente's strength and resiliency has motivated me to train harder and will hopefully give me the strength to obtain my goal of a 3hrs and 30 min finish.


Goal: $1,000.00
To date: $870.00


Vicente came to Starbridge Healing Home(SBHH) at 3 months of age weighing just over 4 lbs.  He has had challenges eating during his time at Starbridge but with professional advice and a lot of patience from the SBHH nannies he has slowly started to gain weight and thrive.   Because of the specialized care he is receiving at Starbridge he has gained 2 lbs. over the past 2 months and will be ready to receive surgery for his cleft lip within a few months.  After his surgery Vicente will return to SBHH for a while to recover completely before transitioning to foster care.  Vicente’s progress is slow but he is making progress because of the tender loving care he is receiving at Starbridge.


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