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I will be celebrating my 50th birthday this year and this will be my first marathon. There is no way I could take this on without a cause beyond myself. I am hopeful that picturing these little children during my training runs will take my mind off my feet! I am running (walking, stumbling) with my sister Eva who motivated me to do my first run this year. Thank you for helping to support this fantastic organization.

My motivation

I had just begun toying with the idea of running a marathon when I had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting Ben and Sandi Glass, two exceptional people who are instrumental in LWB.  They gave me a reason and an opportunity to try to take this on.  Even if I can't run the entire distance, this will still be worthwhile! 


Goal: $2,000.00
To date: $2,597.00


Four month old Ian was born with and intestinal obstruction.  He has already endured 2 of the 3 surgeries necessary to repair his obstruction.  Caring for a baby with a colostomy requires lots of time and attention.  At TCHH, Ian receives one-to-one care from our nannies around the clock as well as care from our medical staff as needed.  Ian has just returned from the hospital from his second surgery and we hope to see a smile return to his sweet face soon.  


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