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Welcome and thanks for visiting my New Orleans Marathon sponsorship page. I successfully completed my 26.2 mile run for children at the Pingliang Children’s Welfare Institute and LWB’s Special Medical Projects Program there.  There is still time to donate as a sponsor to pitch in toward this important fundraising project, however, and now with the assurance that I was able to finish the race.

My motivation

My wife and I have three children, each born in China. I've visited several Chinese orphanages, but Pingliang’s, where our youngest child (our son) got his start, has seemed a little different—with so many of its 145 children suffering from severe disabilities and so few who might be candidates for domestic or foreign adoptions. I will never forget them: children facing so many challenges without a dad or a mom to lean on. Love Without Boundaries provides a great way to remember, even if just in a small way.  Pingliang is in Gansu Province in northwestern China, above Tibet and below Inner Mongolia. The Special Medical Assistance Program at the Pingliang CWI supports child surgeries, staff medical or therapeutic training, and equipment or travel associated with priority medical needs. For example, funds from the program were used just this past month to transport three children to a hospital 600 miles away in Kunming, Yunnan Province, for cleft palate surgeries. The program has also paid for staff training in physical therapy (see photo to the right), including one series of workshops recently provided onsite that was open to and attended by several local families who had chosen not to abandon their children with special needs.  This is a great program. The sponsor link on these pages goes to a Pay Pal option.  An alternative is to simply donate by credit card on the main donation page of this Love Without Boundaries web site. When donating there, select on the form that you are donating to the Orphanage Assistance Fund and please indicate in the special notes section that you are sponsoring Andy Corrigan as a Team LWB member in the New Orleans marathon to help the Pingliang Medical Assistance Program.Another option is to mail a check to: Love Without Boundaries
P.O. Box 25016
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0016Make sure to note on the check that it is to sponsor Andy Corrigan for Team LWB in the New Orleans marathon.  Thanks again.


Goal: $2,500.00
To date: $1,679.00

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