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Gal was born at the end of May 2012, and was welcomed to Henan Healing Home during the second week of June. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Gal had the additional problems of an oral infection and a very upset tummy. After several weeks of medical treatment and tender care from his nannies, Gal began to feel better, eat more, and open his beautiful eyes to take in his surroundings. Unfortunately at the end of August, Gal took a sudden turn for the worst and ended up in hospital with a severe infection and in need of IV antibiotics and a blood transfusion. Thankfully now discharged he is taking his bottle well and has started to gain weight again.  Gal needs to gain at least three more pounds before it will be safe for him to have surgery. 

Gal is doing very well now, but continues to need iron and vitamin drops in addition to formula as he is anaemic; however you can see how much he has improved after that visit to hospital!

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