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Please consider donating to our race. I am so proud of my school psychology graduate students who have made it possible for Cheryl to attend preschool. Early intervention is essential for preschoolers to get the best start in life they possibly can.

My motivation

My daughter was served by LWB when she lived in an orphanage in China. This is a fabulous organization that does amazing work for children, young adults, and families in China. LWB saves lives.


Goal: $100.00
To date: $125.00


I am running on behalf beautiful and precious two year old Cheryl and the other children in her Believe in Me School. She was born premature and was experiencing developmental delays. She was enrolled in LWB's Believe in Me school, and has been making tremendous improvements! Cheryl is now walking independently without any challenges, and is able to play simple games. She loves to use the balance boards, and with the teacher’s help she is learning to stand and use side to side movement. Cheryl is a lively little girl, but at the same time is very fearful of strangers. She loves to play with the other children and has a best friend! We know with the loving support of the BIM teachers, she will continue to grow and thrive!

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