Dublin Marathon 2012

Dublin, Ireland
Starts: October 29th, 2012
Cost to Register: $70.00

This is the 33rd year of the Dublin Marathon, which is run through the historic Georgian streets of Dublin, Ireland's largest and capital city. Dublin is home to a quarter of the country's almost 4 million people. Though founded by the Vikings, it is now a vibrant, dynamic city where half of the population are under 25. Dublin is only an hour by air from most U.K. and European cities, and more than half of the expected entry of 10,000 will be made up of overseas runners, many of whom will be returning to sample Irish Hospitality once more.


This Event Supports:

Funds raised from the Dublin Marathon will benefit Love Without Boundaries’ Henan Healing Home. HHH opened in 2009 and continues to concentrate on providing nurturing care and surgeries for children in one of China's poorest provinces. These children are extremely vulnerable due to being born with medical needs that often cannot be met in an institutional setting. LWB's healing homes are staffed with specially trained nannies who devote their time to the careful nurturing of these children, and surgeries are provided as soon as the children are strong and healthy enough.

Healing Homes provide a chance at life for children who may otherwise not survive life in an orphanage. 

To learn more about LWB's Healing Homes, please visit our website.

To sponsor Kevin you may click on the "Sponsor" link below. Or, if you have difficulty using PayPal, you may donate by credit card on our website.  Select that you are donating to the Healing Homes Fund, and please indicate in the notes section that you are sponsoring Kevin. 

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Kevin Galligan

We have the following methods of accepting sponsorship:

  • Check payable to Love Without Boundaries.

    Love Without Boundaries
    P.O. Box 25016
    Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0016

    Payment Notes

    Make sure to annotate Dublin Marathon 2012 and the name of the person you are sponsoring in the remarks section.
  • Euro cheques made out to Love Without Boundaries may be sent to:

    Julie Flynn Coleman
    3 Pacelli Avenue
    Dublin 13, Ireland

  • Online by clicking on the sponsor link next to each participant's name (team events only)