Adoption Assistance Grants

Adoption Assistance GrantsOne of our basic beliefs at LWB is that every child deserves a family to call his or her very own. We have helped over a dozen children find their forever families with our adoption assistance grants.

LWB's adoption assistance grants are offered to CHILDREN in China's waiting children program to help make their dreams of a loving family a reality. These grants are offered as funding allows. It is our hope that an adoption assistance grant will give a child that little boost needed to be chosen by a loving family. 

You can help by spreading the word about these and other children in China's waiting children program and by donating too our Adoption Assistance Fund to make future adoption assistance grants possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you say that you give grants to children but not to prospective parents?
By this we mean we offer grants to children who are in need of a little extra help being chosen by a family. The grant is attached to a specific child, rather than to a particular agency or certain parents. The grant will cover a portion of the expenses associated with that child's adoption. Generally the grants are paid to the adoption agency at the time the family receives travel approval.

Can I apply for an adoption assistance grant for a child I have chosen from China's waiting children program?
While other grant programs are available for adoptive parents needing funds for the adoption process, adoption assistance grants cannot be used for pre-identified children. A child is eligible for an adoption assistance grant only if he or she is at risk of not being chosen by a family and is identified by LWB.

If I know of a child in China's waiting child program who is at risk of not being chosen by a family, can I bring him or her to your attention?
Absolutely! We don't always have available funding for an adoption assistance grant, but our team is always glad to receive information on children who are at risk of having their files returned without being chosen by a family. Just as important as bringing children to our attention is advocating for the children who wait and promoting donations to our adoption assistance fund to make our grants possible.

How can I help these waiting children other than through adoption?
We are very appreciative of our supporters helping spread the word of children with adoption assistance grants waiting for adoption to help find their families. Additionally contributions made to our Adoption Assistance fund allow us to be able to offer increased grants or grants for other children waiting for adoption, which can help the right family be able to step forward to bring these children home. Donations made for a specific child's grant will be used for another grant in the event that the child is not adopted or the grant is not used. Donate

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