Success Stories

LWB Orphanage Assistance Program Success StoryHot water. It is one of the many things we take for granted every day. We turn on the faucet and fill a pot with hot water, or we wash our hands, even in the depths of winter, in warm water. Or we draw a warm, comforting bath for our child. Hot water isn't a given in a orphanage. In many orphanages children are not given full baths, ever. In other orphanages children only receive baths or showers in warm months, because it is too risky and time consuming to give baths in cold weather.

LWB Orphanage Assistance Program Success StoryWe were delighted when LWB's Orphanage Assistance Program received a donation from a family for the Leizhou orphanage in Guangdong Province. We inquired with the orphanage on what their needs might be. Our donor was thrilled to be able to give back to her daughter's orphanage with the gift of three water heaters. She shared with us that when her daughter came home, she loved her bath from the very beginning. This family was so happy to be able to give back to children who wait the gift of warmth, comfort, and warm baths.

We are grateful for numerous recent year-end donations received to "give back" and help improve the lives of children in many orphanages.