Success Stories

LWB Nutrition Program Success Story Feb 2015From her recent photo, you would never guess that Yi Xuan has a medical special need.   

When we first met Yi Xuan, she had just undergone the initial surgery to repair her anal atresia.  Just look at her now! 

She had successful second stage surgery in November and has started eating some solid foods while depending heavily on Neocate formula as her primary source of nutrition.  

Neocate, a speciality formula designed for babies with “short gut” syndrome, is expensive, but it has made such a difference in Yi Xuan's recovery.  She doesn't have diarrhea when taking this formula and she continues to put on weight and gain strength.  And she is toddling too! 

LWB Nutrition Program Success Story Feb 2015 

LWB Nutrition Program Success Story Feb 2015Yi Xuan and her family will travel to Shanghai again in March so that she can have the final colostomy reverse surgery.

Thanks so much to all the donors to the Unity and the Preemie and Special Formula funds that allowed Yi Xuan's family to provide her with the on-going specialized medical and nutritional care that she needs.