Success Stories

LWB Nutrition Program Success StoryFormula is a common staple of most infants' diets. For little Cheryl, who was born with a cleft lip and palate, quality formula was most important. Before Cheryl could have her cleft lip repaired, she first needed to reach a safe weight for surgery. With the help of a specially LWB Nutrition Program Success Storydesigned cleft bottle, Cheryl's nannies patiently fed her nutrient and calorie packed formula and watched her slowly gain weight.

This past summer Cheryl had successful surgery to repair her lip. Cheryl will need to have her palate repaired soon so that her ability to speak is not compromised. With her participation in LWB's Nutrition Program, Cheryl will have all the formula she needs to continue on her path toward a healthy and happy life!

LWB Nutrition Program Success Story