Showers of Hope

It is hard to imagine the birth of a child not being celebrated, but so many of the orphaned children helped by LWB have not been rejoiced over until coming into our care. We strongly believe that every single life is a cause for celebration.

Showers of Hope

The Showers of Hope project helps provide the necessary funding for formula, cribs, clothing, and other items needed and was created to celebrate and make a difference in the lives of the beautiful children that we are privileged to call “family.”

You have the opportunity to host a Shower of Hope in your community. As a host, you will invite guests to come to your shower or celebratory event. This can be done through your church, community center, neighborhood, favorite restaurant, or just at your home.

In lieu of collecting donations of items that would have to be shipped, monetary donations are requested for LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program. Less shipping costs equals more for the children. We suggest having a computer available so that shower guests can donate directly and securely through LWB’s website. Checks are also gratefully accepted and can then be mailed to LWB.

We will provide you specific information that you can share to let your guests know exactly how their donations will be used. For example, $60 will buy five coats, $30 will provide formula to a child for one month, or $175 will provide a case of formula. One of our most urgent needs at this time is formula. We hope you will consider having a Shower of Hope to raise funds for this critical need.

Showers of Hope

Your Shower of Hope can be customized any way you want. One thing is for sure: It will be one of the most meaningful parties you have ever had. This is a celebration of the lives of orphaned children and gives the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Showers of Hope will give the gift of HOPE to children.

Email for information on hosting a Shower of Hope