Special Projects

Nutrition Special ProjectsPreemie and Special Formula Fund

Donations to our Preemie and Special Formula Fund help us send special formula to children born prematurely or who have special nutritional needs. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos. Your support will help give children with special nutritional needs the best chance of healthy lives.

School Nutrition Program

This program provides much needed supplemental nutrition to students in LWB's Believe in Me schools to improve their well-being and help them do better in school. Our current Believe in Me schools participating include Huainan, Jinjiang, Liupanshui, and Shaoguan. Your monthly sponsorship or one-time donation in any amount will make a real difference in the lives of the students at these schools.

Showers of Hope

The Showers of Hope project was created to celebrate the lives of the beautiful, orphaned children we are privileged to call "family" and helps provide formula, cribs, clothing, and other items needed by these children.

Email for more information on any of our nutrition special projects.