LWB Nutrition Program

Our Nutrition Program

LWB Nutrition ProgramLWB's Nutrition Program is committed to helping children in our programs in Uganda, Cambodia, and China have the healthiest lives possible.

We provide assistance in four primary ways:

  1. Infant and specialty formula for babies in our healing homes and foster care families
  2. Fortified cereal for young children in foster care families
  3. School nutrition for older children in LWB’s Believe in Me schools, with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables and quality protein
  4. Sustainable nutrition by providing livestock, such as chickens, pigs, and cows, to at-risk villages

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or ongoing donation to our nutrition program, or by gifting an animal or beehive. Sponsors will receive regular updates and photos.

LWB Nutrition Story

Featured Success Story:
Cole from Uganda

When LWB first started working in a rural village in southwest Uganda, we met a little boy named Cole who was almost four years old. We were told that Cole was from an extremely impoverished family who often didn’t have any food for him to eat at home. When examined by a doctor, our fears were confirmed that Cole was suffering from chronic malnutrition which had resulted in serious stunting. His skin and eyes were dull, and his belly was distended – a hallmark sign of severe protein deficiency.

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If you would like more information about sponsoring a child or sponsoring a Nutrition program, or if you'd like to get involved as a volunteer or staff member, email our Nutrition Team!

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