Success Stories

Have you ever tried to study when your stomach is rumbling and growling? Teachers in LWB's Believe in Me schools told us that their students had difficulty concentrating and had poor behavior when they were hungry. The solution to this problem was obvious: they needed a snack!

Children in our Believe in Me schools now receive a healthy snack, which helps to meet their nutritional needs and helps them to focus on their work. The snacks are chosen for their nutritional value; pork jerky for protein, seaweed chips for iron, yogurt for calcium, and lots of fresh fruits for vitamins.

We especially like it when our teachers use the snacks as teaching tools. Students can count raisins and nuts before eating them. One class spent a week learning about different fruits and then got to try them all. Thanks to our sponsors, learning can be fun and tasty too!

LWB Nutrition Program Success Story