Success Stories

LWB Nutrition Program Dec 2014Transitioning from formula to solid foods can sometimes be hard for a little one.  Babies must learn to chew their food.  At the same time,they are being introduced to many new flavors and textures. These foster sisters were struggling to eat new foods and as a result, were not taking in enough calories to keep up with their actively growing bodies.  

When our foster coordinator noticed that the girls weren't gaining weight, our foster care and nutrition volunteers put their heads together to find a solution.  One option was to continue sending the girls iron and vitamin fortified cereal, something we provide all our foster care children until they reach 24 months.

However, we wanted to encourage the girls to eat table food so we tried another solution; we sent the foster family a blender!  Now the foster mom turns fruits and vegetables into smoothies!  Foods that are a little too hard for the girls to chew can be chopped or blended into smaller pieces.

We were pleased to see that the girls are trying a variety of new foods and we hope to see them gain weight steadily!