BebePod Seats
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Sometimes it is the little things that matter the most. A little thing like a BebePod baby seat can change a child’s entire daily experience. A BebePod can help give children in an orphanage a chance to spend more time out of a crib everyday. From a seated position, children can better work on fine motor development. When a group of children are seated together, they can interact with each other, or a caregiver can interact with a group of children.

While time in a baby seat does not replace tummy time for core muscle development, it certainly can motivate a little mind to want to see what is out there in the big wide world and encourage that child to reach farther and try harder to explore that world. A little thing like a baby seat can make a world of difference in a baby’s day.

Your donation of $20 or more will help provide BebePod seats for children and broaden their world.