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Jillian had a rough beginning in life. When she came to LWB's attention last summer, her belly was alarmingly swollen, and she couldn't absorb nutrition properly. She was diagnosed with severe food allergies and a blood infection. Antibiotics, specialized formula, and a hospital stay allowed her to become stable enough to be discharged to LWB's Starbridge Healing Home, where our staff provided this sweet girl with patient care and love to help her grow bigger and stronger.

Jillian is now approaching toddlerhood and resides in LWB's Heartbridge Healing Home, where she will have room to do all the fun things that busy toddlers love to do. We hoped she would outgrow her digestive issues by now, but she continues to need long-term nutritional support. She currently only tolerates her specialized formula, plus a bit of pureed apple and banana. After more testing, we are hoping she will be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods to support the growing that she needs to do. In the meantime Jillian is in need of sponsors to fund her very expense, but effective, specialized formula.

Your one-time donation in any amount or monthly sponsorship in a suggested minimum amount of $20 will make a very real difference for Jillian. Sponsors will receive monthly photos and updates on Jillian's progress.