Nutrition and Special Projects

LWB Nutrition Program Dec2014LWB's Nutrition and Special Projects Program works in conjunction with all of LWB's programs, improving the lives of children in orphanages and foster care. From quality nutrition for children of all ages, to physical therapy training and equipment, to needs like winter coats, school desks, cribs, and bedding, this program provides support and services to LWB programs and the children they serve. Durable equipment, such as walkers, wheelchairs, and incubators, is an additional area of support provided.


Our nutrition projects support quality nutrition for every age. We provide assistance in three primary ways:

  • Infant formula for babies in healing homes and foster care families
  • Fortified cereal for babies and toddlers in foster care families
  • School nutrition for older children in LWB’s Believe in Me schools, with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables and quality protein
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Special Projects

Our special project areas are intended to best meet the varied needs of children served by our programs in orphanages, Believe in Me schools and foster care. They include:

Physical Therapy Training and Equipment

LWB's Nutrition and Special Projects Program provides physical therapy training by skilled practitioners to teach orphanage staff how to work with children to overcome physical challenges and to work toward physical independence. In addition to providing appropriate equipment and instruction on what exercises are best to help children reach a goal, an experienced trainer can help an overwhelmed or inexperienced staff member feel empowered to help children in their care and to see the value of each child's life.

Everyday Child Needs and Equipment

This focus area fulfills special child needs and provides durable equipment to orphanages, healing homes, foster families, and LWB schools to aid in the care for children. Warm coats, blankets, and bedding are a few examples of the child needs we are able to provide. We are also able to provide equipment such as school desks and supplies, incubators, safe cribs, walkers, wheelchairs, and more.

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our nutrition and special projects program or by sponsoring a project. Sponsors will receive updates and photos.

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