Unity Initiative

Medical Unity FundSeveral LWB volunteers had their lives changed forever on a very special medical mission in 2005 to Henan, the most populated province in China. They shared the following report.

We had gone to operate on orphaned children, but as word of our medical team spread, the crowd of rural families wishing for their children to have surgery began to grow. Farmers, unable to afford the life-changing surgeries for their children, walked on foot for days in the hopes that their children could finally be healed.  

Family after family told us stories of their worries about being able to help their children, and many told us they had considered leaving their babies at the orphanage so that their children might receive medical care. It was then that we realized that by providing medical care to families living in poverty, we could possibly prevent children from becoming orphaned. What an amazing thought that was!

Since that time it has been LWB's honor to help many families stay united with the children they love so dearly. We have provided heart, spinal, and cleft surgeries to families who would otherwise face the difficult decision of how to get the medical care needed by their children. It is truly humbling to think that we have played a part in keeping families together, and it is our dream to help many more rural families with medical care in the future. Join with us in this dream by donating to our Unity Initiative. Every surgery changes a child’s and family's future forever.

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