Success Stories

LWB Unity Initiative Success StoryAfter years of waiting and trying, Jessica's parents were thrilled when they learned they were expecting twins! Sadly, Jessica's twin was too weak to survive. After bringing Jessica home to a mountainous area in Jiangxi province, her parents noticed that she often choked when feeding and suffered from frequent lung infections. Her frequent hospitalizations were a tremendous financial hardship for this family, wiping out their savings. Jessica's parents work as laborers to support their family, which also includes a grandmother who cannot work due to rheumatism and a grandfather who helps out by farming.

In August Jessica was diagnosed with tracheal fistula and esophageal atresia, two conditions which commonly occur together. This means that there is a hole between her esophagus and her windpipe (trachea), and the upper part of her esophagus does not connect with her lower esophagus. LWB Unity Initiative Success StoryThis is considered a life-threatening condition, as she cannot eat safely. When she would eat, she breathed food from her stomach into her lungs, causing her recurrent lung infections. Both of these conditions can usually be corrected in a single surgery, but her parents had already wiped out their savings and borrowed heavily to pay her bills.

Thankfully Jessica's parents reached out to LWB's Unity Initiative. With financial assistance made possible by sponsors of our Unity Initiative, Jessica was able to receive the surgery she needed. Her surgery was successful, and her recovery was uneventful. She has a new-found enthusiasm for eating and was released at the end of September. We wish Jessica and her family all the best!