Success Stories

Earlier this year two precious children, who had waited a long time, finally got their chance at a new smile during LWB's Cleft Medical Exchange in Kaifeng. Aimee and Harley both had severe cleft lips, and we knew that our talented surgeons Dr. Ness and Dr. Tolan would be their best chance at quality repairs.

LWB Medical Program Success Story

Aimee and Harley were favorites on the Cleft Exchange because of their social and happy personalities. Although they both had very painful surgeries, they were up and playing the next day. Harley had a particularly difficult surgery, called a lip abrasion, performed on him. His protruding bone was pushed back and his lip was partially closed in the first of a two-surgery process. In the next few months we hope Harley can have the second surgery he needs to fully close his lip.

LWB Medical Program Success StoryDuring the recent Teacher Training trip held by LWB's Education program, both Aimee and Harley had a great time. Five-year-old Aimee enjoyed being in the center of action and was confident at trying new activities. Aimee enjoyed the crafts and was very proud of her finished masterpiece. She also enjoyed physical exercises and liked imitating animal walks and playing the game “Red Light, Green Light.”

LWB Medical Program Success StoryHarley, at four years old, loves to cuddle and was happy to stay in someone’s arms all day long. He enjoyed the activities that were a part of the Teacher Training and worked well in small groups and independently. He especially enjoyed playing with the sensory box.

We hope to soon be able to share that these two special children have forever families of their own.