Success Stories

LWB Medical Program Success StoryThis past month LWB's Medical Program was asked to help an 11-year-old girl who has been in and out of hospitals with chronic pancreatitis. Lemeng is a beautiful girl who is shy around the camera. She was hospitalized for a month in Shanghai and prescribed antibiotics that improved her condition. Lemeng is adored by her older brother who wrote a note of thanks to LWB and our Unity Fund donors for helping with his sister’s medical bills.

This is Lemeng’s brother from Zhejiang province. In 2008 my dearest younger sister had abrupt onset of acute pancreatitis, and the situation was quite critical. Later surgery was done at Hangzhou Childrens Hospital. After that, her disease was recurrent many times, and we moved about so many times between CHFD (in Shanghai) and our local hospital, which was costly. Our financial burden was soaring. Because this kind of disease has no symptoms before onset, and the four adults in our family are all farmers, it is a major issue to raise money for her treatment. But her illness must be treated, so it is common for us to borrow money from our relatives and friends. During such times, we feel so anxious and hopeless for all of us. At the beginning of 2013, Lemeng’s illness recurred one more time and was treated. But in February, 2014 she relapsed again. It was too painful to bear and she could not eat anything. So we sent her to CHFD (hospital). During her treatment, the doctor and nurses heard of our family background and introduced us to your esteemed LWB foundation. LWB Medical Program Success StoryYour foundation gave us your helping hand to solve our pressing needs, which makes us deeply feel the love which has been beyond boundaries and human races. From now on we will coordinate with the hospital and take better care of my sister’s treatment. Meanwhile, if there is any chance, we will give such kind big love to others, and try our best to give all the help we can. Sincerely thank you again for your great help.

Lemeng also shared this note of thanks:

I got this disease when I was four years old. Five years later I suffered again, and then I came here (to the hospital). The nurse and doctor here take good concern of me. Since the first time I got this disease, up to now, money of our family has been used up. Friends around us also lent money to us. Both my father and mum are older people now with poor eyesight. I dream such kind-hearted people can donate more money for us, but I am afraid I will relapse again. But if I grow up I will be good people as you, to donate and help other little friends.

LWB Medical Program Success Story

Thank you to our Unity Fund sponsors for helping Lemeng and her family!