Medical Sponsorship

In accordance with Hague and CCCWA regulations on pre-adoption contact and updates, LWB will decline a prospective adoptive parent's request to sponsor the child they have been matched with and offer them the option to sponsor another child who also needs support. Thank you for your understanding.

Child Medical Care and Surgeries

Need: Medical Sponsorship: Heart Surgery
Amount Needed: $14,925.07
25% of Goal Raised
Need: Preemie Care
Amount Needed: $3,465.00
40% of Goal Raised
Need: Medical Sponsorship: Anal Atresia Surgery (2nd Stage)
Amount Needed: $470.00
92% of Goal Raised
Need: Medical Sponsorship: Leg Prosthetics
Amount Needed: $0.00
100% of Goal Raised

Medical Care Funds