Medical Special Projects

LWB Medical Care ProgramMedical Exchange Trips

LWB has held numerous medical trips, providing cleft and other surgeries to orphaned and impoverished children. Additionally we have had wonderful doctors and organizations donate their services to help heal children in hospitals outside of their home countries.


One of the most common special needs we see in orphanages is cleft lip and palate, which has the highest incidence in Asia. Since the greatest threat to a child born with cleft is difficulty feeding, LWB’s Cleft Initiative was established in an effort to get educational pamphlets and soft, squeezable bottles into maternity hospitals and orphanages throughout China. The pamphlets help new parents and caregivers understand the best feeding techniques for a child born with cleft as well as offering contact information for reduced fee surgeries.

Physical Therapy Training

Many children in orphanages across China have special needs such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida that can severely limit their mobility. Physical therapy can help these children achieve their full potential and have a greater chance of being chosen by forever families of their own. LWB provides physical therapy training to orphanage caregivers so they can know how to best help the children in their care.

Special Needs Advocacy

LWB is passionate about helping every orphaned child, regardless of his or her special needs, have the opportunity to receive a permanent family. We have created a special website,, dedicated to special needs adoption. With videos and information on special needs, this website makes a great resource to families considering adopting children with special needs.

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