Special Projects

Medical Exchange Trips and Assistance

We have been incredibly blessed by skilled and talented people who pay their own expenses to travel overseas to participate in LWB's medical exchange trips. We have had numerous cleft and other medical trips, providing healing to hundreds of children. In addition we have had wonderful doctors and foundations donate their services to help heal children in hospitals outside of China.

Physical Therapy Assistance

Medical Special ProjectsMany children residing in orphanages across China have special needs such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida that can severely limit their mobility. Physical therapy is a wonderful way to help these children achieve their full potential. As the children meet more of their developmental milestones, they have a greater chance of being chosen by forever families of their own. LWB provides physical therapy assistance through caregiver training and physical therapy camps.

Special Needs Advocacy

We are passionate about helping every orphaned child, regardless of his or her special needs, have the opportunity to receive a permanent family. We have created a special website, www.adoptspecialneeds.org, dedicated to special needs adoption. With videos and information on special needs, this website makes a great resource to families considering adopting children with special needs.

Email for more information on any of our medical special projects