Medical Special Funds

Medical Special FundsLWB's Medical Program has several special medical funds available for donations to help children with specific needs.

The Cleft Surgery Fund is used to provide surgeries for children in need of cleft lip and/or palate repairs.

The Emergency Medical Fund was established by the Maria/Marina Foundation in honor of Ethan, a newborn abandoned with special needs who sadly passed away while we were working to raise funds for his medical care. This fund allows us to immediately move any child in urgent need of medical care with the funds being replenished as we can raise them.

The Medical General Fund helps provide tests, treatments, and surgeries for children in any of  our medical programs who may be short of funding so the child can receive the care needed.

The Heart Surgery Fund provides treatment and life-saving surgeries for orphaned children with heart disease.

You can make a difference in the life of a child by a one-time or ongoing donation in any amount to any of these special funds. One-time donors will receive reports and photos of children helped for a period of one year. Monthly sponsors will receive quarterly reports for the duration of their sponsorship.

Email for more information on any of our medical special funds