Success Stories

Amazing Alan

LWB Healing Homes Program - Jan 2015Little Alan joined us at Heartbridge Healing Home in June, when he was just one month old. He had an ASD heart defect, and we had hopes that with one-on-one attention, good nutrition and lots of love, he might grow strong enough to avoid surgery altogether. And that is exactly what Alan did. Over the next six months, Alan gained 5.7 kilograms (12.5 pounds) and became a gorgeous, chubby and active baby. 
By December 1st, Alan's ASD was nearly closed and he was meeting all the appropriate baby milestones. He was nicely attached to his nannies, and spent his days scooting around the home in his walker or cooing and bouncing up and down on his nanny's lap.
LWB Healing Homes Program - Jan 2015
 It was time to give Alan's bed to another baby in need, so Alan graduated to our foster care program in nearby Zhang Village. We know the future holds wonderful things for this precious little boy! 
LWB Healing Homes Program - Jan 2015