Success Stories

Healing Homes Success Story March2015Although any child with medical needs China requires love and nurturing to grow, a baby who has been born prematurely has even greater hurdles to overcome. Preemies are those special babies who need extra attention while still in the hospital, because it takes a lot of hard work to grow!

Consider Cohen, born prematurely last July and weighing in at a meager 2.1 kg (about 4 ½ pounds). Cohen spent the first two months of his life in the hospital, where he needed around-the-clock care to keep him stable and warm, and to help him to eat and put on weight. Healing Homes Success Story March2015

His efforts paid off: in late September of last year, Cohen was discharged from the hospital and entered Anhui Healing Home, where the love and attention from the nannies is ongoing and just what he needs. 

Cohen is now 7 months old and he is thriving! He is a social and active little boy who enjoys being where the people are. Cohen likes to sit in the bouncy seat and be a part of what is going on in the room. He is getting stronger and will kick his legs and feet happily when someone picks him up. As one of our volunteers remarked, “it probably takes a lot of strength to hold those chubby cheeks up!”

Healing Homes Success Story March2015

Cohen likes to get the attention of his caregivers by waving his hands energetically. He, of course, loves to eat and makes funny facial expressions when it is time for his bottle. The nannies have nicknamed Cohen, “laughing Buddha,” because of his funny faces and his roly-poly appearance.

Healing Homes Success Story March2015

He obviously responds very well to his loving caregivers: Cohen has gained over 10 pounds since his birth and he is developmentally on target. What a sweet success for a guy who had such a tiny beginning!