Success Stories

Smiley Joel

LWB Healing Homes Program Success StoryAfter nearly two years of receiving loving care at our Heartbridge Healing Home, Joel's LWB journey will soon be coming to an end. This darling toddler first joined us in December 2012, following surgery for a complex set of heart defects. He astonished us all with his sunny smiles and fast-as-lightning recovery.

LWB Healing Homes Program Success StoryIt has been such a joy to watch Joel grow in strength and personality, developing at the rate of any healthy child. Who would ever guess that this was a child who was orphaned with medical needs? Apparently nobody ever bothered to explain this fact to Joel, who is enjoying life to the fullest!

Joel has now been chosen for adoption, and he will soon be leaving Heartbridge to join his forever family. It has been a privilege to be a part of his journey, and we wish him and his family a lifetime of love and happiness. Bless you little Joel, and keep on spreading your sunshine!

LWB Healing Homes Program Success Story