Success Stories

LWB Healing Homes Program Success StorySometimes our "success stories" are quite dramatic, but this month we would like to share one of our littler blessings. Meet Abigail.

Tiny Abigail was abandoned shortly after her birth, suffering from pneumonia and showing signs of a recent hospitalization. LWB Healing Homes Program Success StoryOur staff in China was able to move Abby to the hospital for a course of IV antibiotics, and she was then able to join us at LWB's Heartbridge Healing Home in early July.

Abigail was pretty weak and unresponsive in the following weeks, but slowly began to come out of her shell. Clear lungs, nutritious formula, and the love of her nanny have made a world of difference in Abigail. She is now making eye contact, interacting with the nannies, and taking an interest in the world around her. Abigail still has quite a journey ahead of her, but today we are giving thanks for every little accomplishment. The photo below says "Success!" in the most beautiful way.

LWB Healing Homes Program Success Story