Success Stories

LWB Healing Homes Success Story - August 2015Cayden

A very tiny and weak Cayden joined us at Heartbridge Healing Home in March. At seven months old, he weighed just 2.8 kg (6 pounds). Cayden was recovering from pneumonia and had recently had surgery to remove a large cyst in his neck that was interfering with his breathing and feeding. He was so undernourished that we considered sending him to the hospital to have a feeding tube put in. Weighing that against the possibility of Cayden picking up a virus at the hospital, we decided to wait and see if the nannies could work a small miracle on their fragile new charge.

LWB Healing Homes Success Story - August 2015

We thought the nannies might be able to pull this off, but we were stunned by the incredible changes we saw in little Cayden every week. It wasn't long before we began to see rounded cheeks, dimples, and the most amazing smile!

LWB Healing Homes Success Story - August 2015

By August this gorgeous boy was the picture of health, ready to return to his hometown and be registered for adoption. We wish Cayden all the best, and hope that he finds his way into a very lucky forever family soon!