Success Stories

LWB Healing Homes Success StoryHeidi was a critically ill newborn when she came to LWB’s attention in March last year. Her tiny lips and fingers were alarmingly blue from lack of oxygen due to her heart defect, and her condition was getting worse by the day. She desperately needed surgery to save her life. Thanks to the generosity of LWB donors, Heidi was soon able to have the surgery she needed. The surgery was a wonderful success, and Heidi began a new chapter in her life…this time with a healed heart.

Three weeks after surgery, Heidi traveled to LWB's Heartbridge Healing Home to receive personalized round-the-clock medical monitoring, plenty of good nutritious formula, and lots of love. Recovering from major heart surgery was a big job for such a little baby, but with the support of her adoring Heartbridge caregivers, Heidi came through with flying colors. She quickly began to put on much needed weight, and soon she was growing LWB Healing Homes Success Storystronger and working toward her baby milestones. Now 16 months old, Heidi--known as “Happy Heidi” to LWB volunteers for her sunny spirit--is the picture of good health. She has been carefully weaned off of her cardiac medications, and her oxygen levels continue to be very good! She loves babbling, blowing kisses, and waving “hello” to everyone. She eagerly stands with just a bit of support now and we anticipate will be walking soon. Best of all, we have heard the fabulous news that Heidi has been matched with a forever family and will be meeting them this month!

We’re very thankful for the many kind donors who have supported Heidi throughout her time in LWB's care. Heidi has truly been given a second chance at a healthy life.