Patrick (anal atresia & heart defects)
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About Patrick (anal atresia & heart defects)

Newborn Patrick came to Heartbridge in April, three weeks after his initial surgery for anal atresia. It quickly became evident that he had some heart issues as well, and he was diagnosed with a combination of heart defects called TOF, and he also has pulminary atresia. After a palliative surgery to make sure blood keeps flowing from his aorta to his pulmonary artery, we can address his next two surgeries for anal atresia, and surgery for TOF. That is a whole lot of hospital time for such a little fellow, but we are doing our very best to get him fit and healthy enough for all that needs to be done. Several sponsors are needed to fund sweet Patrick's care, and all will receive monthly photos and updates on his progress.

Shared child sponsorships of $25 per month are also available.  If you are interested in a shared sponsorship, please simply change the default amount to $25 per month when making your donation.  Thank you!