For those who observe the season of Lent, won't you join our

Lenten Campaign: Providing Formula for LWB Healing Homes 

Lenten Campaign

How to Help... as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Print out the jar label and affix to a clean empty container. Download label
  2. Involve the family in saving daily - perhaps abstaining from candy or coffee - and put the savings in the Lenten jar.
  3. Count the savings after Lent and make your donation online, by phone, or by check.

The Importance of Quality Formula

Lenten CampaignValentina, named because she came to the attention of LWB's Healing Homes team on Valentine’s Day last year, came to us with a diagnosis of "failure to thrive." Her orphanage didn't know how to help her get stronger, and at nine months old she weighed 3.5 kg. (7.7 lbs.). Not only was she tiny, she was very weak and didn't have the strength to move around in her crib.

Lenten CampaignEvery day LWB's Healing Homes Program nurtures children like Valentina, helping them thrive, heal, and move forward to a life of opportunity. With your help this Lent, we can make a difference together in the lives of many children who need an extra caring hand.

  • Donate by Phone:

Call 405-216-5837

  • Donate by Check:

P.O. Box 25016
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Please note "Lenten Campaign" on your check