Success Stories

LWB Foster Care Program Success Story - Jan. 2015Five year old Alan is a busy and active little boy with Down Syndrome who has been thriving in our Shantou foster care program this year. Alan has such a sweet and happy spirit! His favorite thing to do is to listen to music and dance. Alan is also quite the entertainer. He likes to perform for our foster care manager when she comes over to visit by making silly faces and running around. 

LWB Foster Care Program Success Story - Jan. 2015

For much of his life since he was a toddler, Alan has been in our foster care program.  His foster family is an older couple who are able to devote lots of time to Alan and have formed a strong bond with him.

They have been teaching Alan many different things and are currently working with him on developing his language.

 LWB Foster Care Program Success Story - Jan. 2015

Since Alan does not currently attend school, his foster parents have been his teachers. Alan loves to mimic and he often pretends he is the teacher for his foster siblings.   

We were so pleased to find out that sometime this year, Alan will be adopted! 

We are so proud of Alan for all the gains he has made while in foster care.