Success Stories

LWB Foster Care Program Success Story Dec 2014Gabrielle, a beautiful girl who was born with one arm shorter than the other, joined our foster care program in the summer of last year. Initially her foster mother said she was timid and rather clingy, and she used to cry a lot. Over time, Gabrielle learned to trust her foster family more and became more independent. She soon built a strong bond with her foster sister.

These days, Gabrielle is described as a happy little two-year-old who loves to laugh and is popular with everyone. During our recent visit we were looking for a willing volunteer to pose in a Santa's elf hat and Gabrielle, although a little reluctant, soon agreed to our request. Her foster mother sat with her while we took a few photos, and then when Gabrielle became more comfortable her foster mother came and stood with us whilst we snapped away on our cameras. Soon Gabrielle was loving the attention and laughing away with us. She must have wondered what on earth was going on as we all cheered, waved an made faces to make her laugh.

We think she made a beautiful poster girl for our Christmas Success Story!