Success Stories

Strong, Smart, and Social Sion 

LWB Foster Care Program Success StoryAs Sion approaches his first birthday, it is hard to believe that he is the same little boy that first came into LWB's care. Born prematurely, his fighting spirit has helped him overcome many challenges, including pneumonia and gastrorrhagia. Sion's foster family has enveloped him in a LWB Foster Care Program Success Storyblanket of love and provided him with a nurturing and safe environment that has allowed him to grow strong and happy.

Today Sion is described as energetic, and he loves getting around in his walker. He can stand by himself and is happy to take steps while holding onto his foster parents’ hands. It will not be long before he is stepping out by himself and using his mobility to satisfy his curiosity.

Curious and smart, Sion is able to quickly discover where things are hidden, and finding objects is one of his favorite activities. He enjoys being with people and is always on the look-out for someone to play with. Sion particularly loves to play with his foster sibling and other children.

A contented little boy, Sion is a testament to the priceless benefits of foster care!