Success Stories

Foster Care Success StoryRun, Rhys, Run!

Rhys moved into our foster care program almost two years ago as a reserved and quiet little boy. Nurtured and loved, it did not take long for his fun-loving and outgoing personality to shine.

Described by our Dingyuan manager as active, Rhys loves to play with his foster siblings, the neighborhood children, and his peers in kindergarten.

Quite often the instigator of games and activities, his favorite game these past few months is a chasing game called "Eagle Snatches a Chicken." Rhys is a fast runner, so one can only imagine the number of ‘chickens’ he is able to catch when he is the ‘eagle’.Foster Care Success Story

A helpful boy, Rhys often takes on a leadership role with his peers and younger children. He helps set and call people to the table at home and will help a younger child in need like Tomos when he dropped his candy.

Foster Care Success Story

Rhys loves to go to school and receives tuition assistance through our Dingyuan Tuition Assistance Program. His kindergarten teacher has noticed how he can partake in cooperative play and learning, which is reflective of the values he is learning from his foster care family where he is settled and happy.Foster Care Success Story

Rhys has truly been thriving in foster care. We recently heard the wonderful news that Rhys has been chosen for adoption and that his family is working to bring him home!