Success Stories

LWB Foster Care Success StoryMatthew

Three-year-old Matthew from LWB's Shantou Foster Care Program has made wonderful gains since entering our foster care program. Despite his diagnosis of cerebral palsy, Matthew's foster parents have complete faith in his ability and believe he will be able to achieve many things!

LWB Foster Care Success StoryUpon joining his foster family, Matthew's foster grandfather began working with him to walk and stand independently. Now, with the loving support he has received, Matthew is able to stand alone without holding onto anything. Hooray! Also, when Matthew first arrived, he needed to sit in a special seat as he could not support himself on a chair. Now Matthew is able to sit independently on a chair, a couch, and the floor with no back support!  

LWB Foster Care Success Story

Matthew is a typical little three-year-old boy, who is described as mischievous and initially shy. He enjoys eating watermelon and playing with other children, including his foster brother. But nothing makes him happier though then when he gets to be with his foster grandfather. His face lights up when he hears his foster grandfather call his name.

Matthew's foster parents are very determined and believe he will walk independently in the future. With the loving support of his foster parents, there are no limits to what Matthew will be able to achieve!

LWB Foster Care Success Story